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Full STEAM ahead

STEAM is a program that incorporates Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics and creative technological Arts in an interdisciplinary and applied approach.

An exciting mix of creativity (art and design) and science (technology, engineering and math), it helps students develop innovative solutions to real-life problems. It also fuels their creativity by teaching them to tap into their knowledge of technology and the principles of mathematics and science.

With its focus on project-based learning, STEAM prepares students for a wide variety of CEGEP programs in Arts, Design and Technology. Options such as Animation and Sound Engineering, Architectural and Graphic Design, and Coding and Robotics allow STEAM students to enter a host of careers such as, graphic designers, analysts, fashion designers, software and video game developers.

Sound engineering
Video game development

Critical thinking
Problem solving
Multidisciplinary learning methods
Teamwork and collaboration
Self-reliance and confidence building
Project-based learning

Social Sciences
Arts, Literature & Communication
Graphic Design
Industrial Design
Interior Design
3D Animation & CGI

*Some requiring SO math

Specific classes

A historical perspective on forms, equilibrium of forces, proportions, and materials, it provides an understanding of the environmental impact of architecture.

A Ministry-required course for admission to science-based CEGEP programs, it provides advanced scientific and technological literacy in the material world, the living world, earth, space, and the technological world.

Basic concepts of animation, including modelling and scripting will be studied. These skills will be applied to the creation of a short animation including an original soundtrack.

Students will be introduced to open-source software, developing an understanding of coding. They will apply this understanding using robotics and other technologies.

In this course, students will be required to push back the boundaries of videography using standard industry tools such as Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe After Effects and Adobe Animate.

In this course, students learn to apply key design concepts using the digital arts. To this end, they will use Adobe software such as Photoshop CC, Illustrator CC and InDesign.

“The Villa Maria STEAM program offers an exciting fusion of science, experimentation, creativity, and critical thinking, preparing students for the challenges and opportunities the future holds.”

Bettina Forget, Owner and Director Visual Voice Gallery - Art & Science

Other Profiles

Students can choose from various unique academic profiles specially tailored to their interests and tomorrow’s workplace.