Entrepreneurship & Leadership Profile

We mean business!

The Entrepreneurship & Leadership profile is centred on economics, the basics of business law, leadership skills, innovation, and globalization for students interested in the business world.

With a focus on critical thinking and effective communication, students will gain valuable experience in project management, financial management, and the development of business models.

The profile’s team-building approach promotes critical analysis, out-of-the-box thinking, sustainable business practices, and innovation. Preparing students for CEGEP programs such as Commerce, Social Sciences, Liberal Arts and International Business Studies, it teaches students skill sets for careers in accounting, economics, politics, business, entrepreneurship, marketing, management, human resources, and the communications industry.

Corporate executive

Oral communication
Ability to synthesize content
Problem solving
Writing a business plan – financing, grants, sponsorships
Business ethics and social responsibility
Basic accounting – graphs, charts
Knowledge of leadership styles
Developing a start-up company
Innovation and creativity
Technology, e-commerce, social media, web marketing, web design
Corporate law – contracts, copyright
Human resources
Crisis management

Social Sciences
Liberal Arts
International Business Studies
Business/Marketing Technical Programs

*Some requiring SO math

Specific classes

Students will learn to differentiate between the various legal forms of companies and their operating methods, to develop a business plan, and understand corporate financial concepts.

This course studies the democratic, transformational, autocratic and participative leadership models and their application in entrepreneurial and political fields. Students will also examine communication strategies in the workplace.

Students will acquire a better understanding of the operating methods of businesses and learn how to develop a business plan. They will also study the basic concepts of macroeconomics and microeconomics.

Students will build their own business from the ground up. They will work on all aspects of business development, from writing a business plan to financing, including marketing expansion possibilities and the presentation of their projects to potential investors.

Students will study major economic phenomena and ethical business practices through themes such as gentrification, urban sprawl, renewable energy, environmental concerns and sustainable development.

“Now, more than ever, entrepreneurship can be learned! The more skills an entrepreneur has, the better his chances of succeeding. Villa Maria’s program offers students the opportunity to start acquiring the necessary tools early and that can only help them turn their vision into reality!”

Marilyse Richard-Robert, Executive Director
Edphy Nature Centre and day camps

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