At Villa Maria, our pedagogical philosophy favours active and effective teaching approaches. In fact, we make our students central to their learning and ensure that they are constantly supported by dynamic and motivating teachers. To this end, courses are varied and motivating, providing them with the tools required to excel and succeed.

Profiles and curriculum

Secondary 3 students can choose from four unique academic profiles specially tailored to their interests and tomorrow’s labour market.

message from the director - educational services

Stéphane Poupart

Villa Maria’s educational mission is geared to the development of each student’s full intellectual and personal potential. This involves meaningful learning supported by active and effective teaching provided in a motivating environment.

Our teaching methods encourage cooperation and mutual support among students. We offer enriched courses combined with a variety of cultural, athletic and extracurricular activities. Villa Maria humanizes private high-school education by prioritizing ethical values and inclusion.

In addition, the School provides unique learning environments that allow for a variety of educational approaches and methods fostering students’ engagement in their success.

In this motivating learning environment, Villa Maria students have the opportunity to explore their different interests by choosing one of our four exciting profiles geared to the job market. For example, Secondary 3 students have the opportunity to choose from one of our academic profiles specially designed for them. Through the Law and International Studies, STEAM, Entrepreneurship and Leadership, and Sciences programs, we provide students with an inspiring learning environment offering rich and varied educational experiences. With their emphasis on interdisciplinary work, project-based learning and mentoring, our academic profiles prepare students for college and the workplace.

In addition, our French and English sectors offer our students the unique opportunity to benefit from a bilingual learning environment with students from different cultural backgrounds, where diversity is both welcomed and celebrated.

Villa Maria is a stimulating academic environment that leads students to grow into responsible citizens open to the world. Our goal is for students to develop the technical and professional skills needed to succeed in the ever-changing world of technology and work environments.

Stéphane Poupart, Director - Educational Services

maison de la montagne

New spaces equipped with the latest technologies and specifically adapted to the active learning educational context in which they will be put to use.

mentoring program

Open to Secondary 4 and 5 students, this programs seeks to establish a personal relationship between the mentor and the student.

distinction program

Allows students wishing to stand out to earn additional credits recognized by the Ministère de l’Éducation et de l’Enseignement supérieur.


Resources to support our students' academic success.


Students carry out scientific and technological projects on environmental themes.

Education 3.0

The best of innovative technopedagogy for the benefit of our students

School Books and Uniforms

Student textbooks, exercise books and uniform.

student services

Our team provides services that extend beyond the academic framework. Together, we are members of a large family and offer a climate conducive to the growth and development of our students. Well surrounded, our students evolve harmoniously thanks to staff dedicated to their success and well-being.