Law & International Studies

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The Law & International Studies profile provides students with an opportunity to develop an awareness and understanding of how media, history, law, politics and international relations shape today’s globalized world.

Throughout the profile, multiple perspectives are used to investigate factors that influence the position of an individual or group in society. Students develop insight into various socio-economic, human rights and global issues that define the 21st century.

By expressing and representing their understanding and opinions on issues of governance, social justice, political and media influence, sustainable development, law and international relations, students hone their research and communication skills. This profile prepares students to become the leaders of tomorrow in law, international development, social and environmental justice, politics, humanities, journalism and communications, as well as all social sciences.

Understanding of rights/legislation and law
Global and local social awareness
Historical awareness
Critical thinking
Awareness of social justice issues
Activism and advocacy
Community involvement and engagement
Learning methodology
Conflict management
Research skills and methodology
Mastery of written and oral communication
Ethical environmental awareness

Social Sciences:
   Social Justice
   North-South Studies
Liberal Arts
Arts, Literature & Communication

*Some requiring SO math

Specific classes

This course provides students with an opportunity to broaden their knowledge and perspectives of 20th century events as they have shaped and continue to shape our current view of history, geopolitics, development, human rights and climate action in the 21st century. Students will be called upon to use appropriate historical knowledge, identify elements of continuity and change in the chronology of human development over the past 100 years, and look at how the notion of progress has evolved.

In this course, students will explore how the application of law shapes the analysis of international issues. Students will engage with various case studies related to sovereignty, international intervention and the role of the United Nations. This course aims to position students in a way that allows them to creatively apply laws and treaties as solutions to the various problems that impact the global community.

Students will cultivate an awareness of their gender and sexuality, racial, class, cultural, religious and legal identities, particularly with regard to the cultural context in which they were raised and live. Using sociological and psychological theories, past and present disparities will be examined and potential solutions for achieving a more just and equitable society will be proposed.

The Law & Citizenship course encourages students to exercise critical thought to learn about their rights and freedoms, craft arguments, define their opinions and become familiar with how the Canadian judiciary is structured. The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms and Quebec’s

Charter of Human Rights and Freedoms will be used as a framework to construct, present and defend legal arguments in essays and mock trials. The course will help students define and critique what it means to be a citizen and how to adopt a more active and effective role in society.

In this course, students will examine the social roles, cultural effects, environmental implications and global concerns impacting our ever-changing world through the lens of various media platforms. They will learn to communicate their insights by developing the techniques used in journalism, such as research, writing, publishing, differentiating between facts and opinions, gathering unbiased information and critically assessing sources.

“Legal studies at Villa Maria? I can’t think of a better way to educate future citizens.”

Pierre-Emmanuel Moyse, Associate Professor
McGill Faculty of Law - Centre for Intellectual Property Policy

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