Parent-Teacher Association

We are an organization of volunteer parents, school administrators, teachers and students. We are dedicated to the academic success of the students and the promotion of parent involvement in the school. The PTA is open to any parent who wishes to be involved and make a difference in the education, health and welfare of our children within the school community.

Our objectives

  • Create a working partnership among parents, teachers, school administrators and students.
  • Encourage and promote the volunteer participation of parents in PTA activities.
  • Support school programs and activities.
  • Enhance school spirit by fostering a family ambience in every area of school life.
  • Help organize various events during the school year for the benefit of students, teachers and staff.
  • Schedule monthly meetings to keep members and parents abreast of our activities.
  • Make a positive difference for the students.


Veny Todaro


Cynthia Hilario


Grace Petrucci


Charmaine Torn

Regular Meeting Members

Diane Lambros
Alex De Luca

How we are financed

We are financed by a voluntary membership fee of $25 per family.

Events and involvement

  • Organize a Career Day for Secondary 4 and 5 students.
  • Organize the Teachers’ Wish List Program, in order to fund various activities and provide material for teachers.
  • Provide prizes for students at the Secondary 5 graduation ceremony.
  • Provide undergraduate prizes for students in Secondary 1 through 4.
  • In collaboration with the Mothers and Fathers’ Guild, help organize Teacher and Staff Appreciation Week.
  • Support and fund various requests from the school administration throughout the year.
  • Organize student activities throughout the year, such as the Valentine’s Day distribution of hot chocolate, cookies and chocolates.
  • Provide gifts to celebrate the Secondary 5 graduates.

How to reach us

You can email us at: