Trips allow students to discover today’s world and anticipate its evolution while learning about culture and the environment.

Students also get to develop an open mind, respect, solidarity, and a sense of responsibility.

Every year, Villa Maria offers many organized trips, giving students the opportunity to discover the world and enjoy unforgettable experiences: cultural trips, international cooperation projects, a model UN, juniors, retreats, trips to Europe, Africa, and more.

Secondary 1: New students’ Welcome camp. Click here
Secondary 2: Trip to Canada
Secondary 3: Trip to Canada/United States
Secondary 4: Trip to Canada/United States)
Secondary 4: Trip to Canada/United States
Secondary 5: Grad Retreat

International trips:

Secondary 3: Trip to Greece
Secondary 4: Trip to Iceland
Secondary 5: Trip to 
Secondary 4 & 5: Trip to Ireland/Scotia

Some travel memories from the last few years!