If there is a storm, the decision to close the school is made between 5:45 and 6:00 a.m. on the day of the storm.

The decision takes into account a verification of weather and road conditions and is made in conjunction with the other private schools in the area. Once the decision is made, the chain of communication is triggered in order to reach parents, students and employees.

The following is a list of places where you can find information about school closures:

Site Web

See the first post at the top of the page


Email to parents


A pop-up will appear on the homepage


Message on the school answering machine

Announcements to media outlets

TVA Salut Bonjour
Cogeco Media : 98.5 FM, 96.9 FM, 92.5 FM, 730 AM, 105.7 FM
CTV News Montreal and Canada
Bell Media : 107.3 FM, 94.3 FM
CJAD 800, Astral, CHOM & Virgin Radio
Radio-Canada 95.1 FM
CBC Radio 88.5 FM

There is no point in trying to contact the school by phone, email or through social media to get additional information about school openings or closings. The information will be provided as indicated above. If you don’t see any messages, you can assume that the school is open as usual.

If there is a closure or an evacuation for any other reasons, an email will be sent to parents.