School Books

Student textbooks and exercise books are available at the Magasin Scolaire.  Be sure to have in hand the course selection confirmation provided to your child by the school.

  1. Go to the Magasin Scolaire.
  2. Select the sector in which your child is enrolled.  Note that textbooks and exercise books differ according to sector. It is important to select the right one.
  3. Choose your child’s grade level.
  4. Follow the steps on the site.  When you place your order, you have to enroll as a new user or to sign in if you are already a client.

On the site you will also find the list of additional school supplies that you will need to purchase.


The Mothers and Fathers' Guild parent association in the English sector and the Association de parents de Villa Maria (APVM) in the French sector organize a used book sale in June.

To buy or sell used books, parents can also use the services of the “Le sac d’école” organization at: