Message from the Director - Educational Services

Villa Maria celebrates 165 years of excellence in education by ensuring a stimulating educational environment conducive to both academic and personal growth and success. Our mission is to aid our students in achieving their full potential, as well as in preparing them to be global citizens whom are committed to being contributing members of a continuously emerging society. By remaining on the forefront of 21st Century learning, our dedicated team, with their willingness to evolve with the changing times, shape our students into eager and passionate life-long learners.

In setting high expectations for academic and personal growth and success, Villa Maria students are given the opportunity to hone their critical thinking skills through one of our four engaging profiles. As such, students in Secondary Three are given the opportunity to choose amongst four academic profiles specifically designed for the students, allowing them to explore their interests while also preparing them for tomorrow’s workplace. In addition, our English and French sectors provide our students the unique opportunity to benefit from a bilingual learning environment comprised of students from a multitude of different cultural backgrounds, where diversity is both welcomed and celebrated.

As our student population continues to grow and evolve, Villa Maria will remain committed in providing a student-centered learning environment that is both innovative and cutting-edge. We know that providing meaningful opportunities for our students to learn and grow will allow for them to meet their full potential, be prepared to adapt to a world that is continuously changing and to become the leaders of tomorrow.