Message from the Director - Educational Services

Villa Maria's educational mission is directed toward the development of each student's full intellectual and personal potential. Our teaching methods encourage cooperation and mutual support among our students.

Our teaching methods encourage cooperation and mutual support among students. We offer enriched and challenging courses, coupled with a variety of cultural, athletic and extracurricular activities. Villa Maria humanizes private high school education by placing a priority on ethical and cultural values. In addition, the College has unique learning environments that allow for a variety of educational approaches and methods that foster student engagement in their success.

In keeping with our goal of providing a stimulating learning environment, Villa Maria students have the opportunity to explore their different interests by choosing one of our four exciting profiles. For example, Secondary 3 students have the opportunity to choose from one of our academic profiles specially designed for them.  Through the Law and International Studies, STEAM, Entrepreneurship and Leadership, and Sciences programs, we provide students with a stimulating learning environment in which they can have rich and varied educational experiences. Our academic profiles, with their emphasis on interdisciplinary work, project-based learning and mentoring, prepare students for college and the workplace.

In addition, our French and English sectors offer our students the unique opportunity to benefit from a bilingual learning environment, composed of students from a multitude of different cultural backgrounds, where diversity is both welcomed and celebrated.

Villa Maria is a stimulating environment that leads its students to grow into responsible, contributing citizens. Our goal is for students to develop the technical and professional skills necessary to succeed in the ever-changing world of technology and work.

Stéphane Poupart
Director - Educational Services